6 free online SVG editors: comparison


6 free online SVG editors: comparison vectr

Vectr svg editor is a good choice for beginners and advanced SVG users. The interface is neat and not overcrowded with many tools that you will not use. The editor is well suited for beginners in vector illustration. The user should not get lost among the tools that are not clear what they are used for. There are several lessons in the set. Even if you are a complete zero with SVG, you have the opportunity to learn quickly.

However, all of the above does not mean that there is little functionality in Vectr. It has the entire basic set for creating a normal image: shapes, text, layers, shadows, frames, backgrounds, etc. It can’t be compared to a full-fledged desktop editor, but it is more than enough for fast designs and edits. You can create an image from scratch or upload an existing one.

When loading complex illustrations into Vectr, errors may occur (maps or detailed diagrams). The editor does not always handle complex graphics well. However, for simpler SVG (icons, logos, etc.) this editor will be sufficient.

If the online version does not have the features you need, you can download the desktop version of the application. The editor is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook.

Perhaps the coolest feature in Vectr is that you can link and paste images directly from the Vectr website, which makes it an effective hosting for SVG. Many services block the upload of SVG files, so this is a serious plus. You can show SVG images from Vectr on remote sites like WP, Medium, Tumblr, etc., which block direct SVG upload, but allow it to be shown remotely.

Vectr allows you to share vector graphics in the editor panel so that other users can modify the graphics you have created. That is, you can, for example, make an SVG logo template, which users will already modify for themselves. All this in the browser.

For this purpose, Vectr has recently released a version of the editor as a plug-in for WP.


Unlike other tools in the list, when you access the RollApp homepage you do not see the editor. RollApp is a suite of applications, and the SVG editor is just one of the applications. A great tool, it is the browser version of Inkscape.

To work with RollApp, you need an account. You can register a new account or sign in with Google, Facebook, Amazon. Very convenient, I hate to create thousands of new accounts just to see the application.

After you login, the next page will open:

6 free online SVG editors: comparison

Inkscape in all its glory! There’s no doubt that RollApp is the most feature-rich application on the list. You literally use Inkscape in your browser! I haven’t compared every detail, but it looks like this application has ALL the features of Incscape, such as layers, objects, text, paths, filters, effects, extensions etc.

Big files are not processed so fast, because the actions are performed on the application servers and over the Internet. In short – if you need to edit large and complex files, RollApp is not ideal, but for other tasks that are not part of the basic set, this editor is best suited.


6 free online SVG editors: comparison

I will not do a detailed review of BoxySVG as it is already done in this article.

Most importantly, since Alex’s review, BoxySVG has added a code inspector, making it one of the most relevant SVG tools for web developers.


6 free online SVG editors: comparison

A couple of years ago, Janvas was a very popular SVG editor. Unfortunately, this editor has not been developed recently, but even so it still works. The web is moving forward and Janvas is standing still, so the interest in it has faded.

The main problem with Janvas was that it was a bit outdated. Browsers are developing, and applications that don’t follow browsers are becoming less stable every day. Janvas has many features: shapes, text, drawing tools, paths, masks and layers. However, users on forums say that many of these features do not bring the desired result.

The good news is that a new version will be released as a Chrome-application. We hope that they will fix problems.


6 free online SVG editors: comparison

You may already have chosen a free online SVG editor. If not, then let’s move on. DrawSVG is a fully compatible SVG editor with many features. I really like that this application’s design is really web-oriented and not like a desktop application port for a browser. The menu is on the left, a click opens the second level menu, etc.

Using DrawSVG, you can draw, modify and render objects. You can draw simple shapes, there are Bezier curves, straight and curved text, many styles of outlines and fillings, etc. Also SVG can be exported to PNG.


6 free online SVG editors: comparison

SVG-edit – the grandfather of online vector graphics editors, appeared in the mid-2000s. No server functionality, everything works in the browser. You cannot save your work without adding your own functionality.

However, for an editor whose life began with a very limited and invisible program for drawing vector graphics, SVG-edit functionality has been constantly improved.

With SVG-edit you can draw simple shapes (lines, rectangles, circles, polygons, lines by hand, etc.), use paths, layers, gradients, you can view and edit SVG-edit, export to PNG, JPEG, BMP, WEBP, etc.


In addition to these 6 SVG editors, there are other, but few that offer more functionality than the five shown above.

If you want to get serious about SVG and these tools don’t have the functionality you need, you can always download an SVG editor like Illustrator or Inkscape. However, for ease of use, speed and flexibility, all the above editors offer a useful set of features.

PS: you can also try Figma. This is more of a tool to create a UI than a SVG editor. However, it has an excellent set of tools and generates well optimized SVG code.

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